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UPI stand for Unified Payment Interface. It is basically an effort to simplify the process of online transaction across India. Sending or receiving money was not as simple as it turns to after introducing of this App. You can transfer or receive your money simply by using your smartphone. Earlier, making online transaction was considered to be a very challenging job. Even a well educated but technophobe person finds it very hard to perform any kind of online transaction, as one has to go through the hassle of typing account number, IFSC Code, OTP etc. In this article, we will know about details of Andhra Bank UPI App.

Andhra Bank UPI App:

Downloading UPI App for Andhra Bank is not a difficult task. The only thing you have to do is ‘open Play Store of your mobile phone, type UPI App followed by bank name and download’. For performing smooth functioning of the App, you have to fulfil following criteria

  • Mobile Number must be registered with your Bank
  • Keep your active Debit/ ATM Card in your hand to activate your account
  • Currently, it is available for Android Version only.
  • Your smartphone must have Android Version 4 or above

If you are fulfilling all the above pre-requisite criteria then you can go for the download.

Click Here to Download Andhra Bank UPI App

How to Install Andhra Bank UPI App in your Device?

It is as simple as installing other mobile games and applications. This process is also known as registration of the app with the bank.


  • Go to the google play store and download the App
  • Ready for an SMS, App will send you an SMS to your registered number for UPI
  • If you are having dual sim mobile, you have to select your registered number out of these two sims.
  • Next, enter your Name, Email ID & choose six digits password in a given column.
  • Push on the registration button, you virtual ID will be created. Memorise it for the future transactions

Features of Andhra Bank UPI App:

  • Balance Enquiry: You can get balance related information with just one click. For this purpose neither you have to visit your bank, nor you should have Net banking or Debit card facility.
  • Sending of Money: You can send the amount of up to the 1 lakh without any hassle. The amount is credited in real time so need not to wait for the crediting of the amount.
  • Request Money: You can ask money from your friend or family. The only thing the sender has to do is to accept the request. Money requesting facilities has had the validity of 7 days. You can set your time & date when you want to credit the amount.
  • Scan & Pay: You can pay to your merchant without revealing your UPI Code and account details. Scan the unique UPI barcode of the payee and transfer the amount.
  • Manage Multiple Account with the single App: Apart from the Andhra Bank, you can manage other bank accounts with same App. No need to download separate App for the other accounts.
  • QR Code: Another option for payment
  • Instant Fund Transfer: Transferring fund instantly
  • You can check your transaction history
  • Safe & Secure
  • Save your time & effort
  • Have two-layer security system.

How to Activate Andhra Bank UPI App?

Follow the following steps to activate your Andhra Bank UPI Apk.

  • Open the App and tap on ‘Add’ button
  • Select your Bank from the list of Banks
  • All the accounts registered with the mobile will appear on the screen
  • Create you VPA (Virtual Payment Address). Virtual Payment will be unique for the every account.
  • Enter your last six digits & Expiry date of your debit card
  • Now it will be redirected to NPCI and will receive OTP on your Phone. Next, you have to enter OTP and 6 digit UPI PIN
  • By entering OTP and UPI PIN, all the accounts will be verified (if the user has more than one account, registered with the same mobile number).
  • Virtual address for each account will be different, in fact, every single account will have a unique virtual address.

Steps for Registration of Beneficiary Account:

There are two different processes.

  1. Registration Through Virtual Payment Address (VPA)
  2. Registration Through Account Number & IFSC Code

The process of Registration Through Virtual Payment Address (VPA):

  • Click on VPA, Enter Virtual Payment Address (VPA), say for instance mona@andb, sarah@andb, 3257@andb.

The processes of Registration Through Account Number & IFSC Code:

  • Enter your account number then IFSC Code & Name in a given tabs.

If you have already added the beneficiary account/ address, you will get following options as well;

  • You can search beneficiaries account through the searching option
  • You can delete beneficiaries as well

Payment via Andhra Bank UPI App:

There are many options through which you can send or receive amounts, you can use either among these options as per your convenience.

How to Send/ Receive Money by using Andhra Bank UPI App:

Transferring Money Through using ‘SEND’ Option:

  • Tap on ‘Send’ button
  • Now select Debit Account (Your Account)
  • Then select Credit Account (Beneficiaries Account)
  • Enter Amount you want to transfer
  • Remark
  • Push on Send Button, it will ask to enter your UPI PIN, once you enter your UPI PIN, the transaction will be completed.

Receiving Money Through using ‘COLLECT’ Option:

  • Tap on ‘Receive Money’
  • Select ‘Collect Money’
  • Enter Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of the payer
  • Enter Amount
  • Next option is ‘Deposited to”, Enter your VPA here
  • Next, select the date and time you want to receive the amount
  • Write Remarks & Send


  • Another option for making payment
  • Scan the QR Code of the beneficiary and make payment
  • This option is available on Home page of the App and Side menu as well

Is there any transaction limits for the payment via Andhra Bank UPI App?

Yes, you can transfer up to the 1 lakh at a time. In other words, we can say is ‘you can transfer 1 lakh in every 24 hours. The maximum 20 transactions can be done in 24 hours.

How to Reset or Change my ‘Password’ in UPI App?

Are you worried to recover your Forgot Password and looking for the way out?, Don’t worry then, follow the following steps given below:

  • Go to ‘Forgot Password’ option that is available on the login page
  • Now change UPI PIN, to do this you have to go to ‘Account Management’ option
  • To perform this task, there will be an option of selecting your account, you have to select your account

Benefits of UPI App:

To read more about benefits of UPI App, click on the link given bellow.

Benefits of UPI App/ Andhra Bank UPI App

Download Andhra Bank UPI App Free for IOS (iPhone)/ Windows Phones:

Downloads of Andhra Bank UPI App for IOS (iPhone)/ Windows Phones is not available till date. As per the information, it is under process and will available soon. Stay with us, once it will release, we will notify on our website.

Download Andhra Bank UPI App in Hindi:

The download is same for all the users. As far as concern about the language of the App, you have to select your language after downloading it. Presently it is available in English and Hindi language, but soon it will available in all the major language namely Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu etc.

Customer care number of Andhra Bank UPI App:

You can call on 1800 425 1515, this is a toll-free number of the Andhra Bank.

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