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UPI, which stands for Unified Payment Interface, is a step forward in the direction of simplifying online transaction process in India. Sending or receiving money securely and instantly was not as simple as it is today with the introduction of this UPI App. Earlier, making online transaction was considered to be a challenging task as one has to remember beneficiary details like account number, IFSC, etc. Now, you can transfer or receive your money using your smartphones with Virtual Payment Address (a unique identifier) without feeding any bank account information. In this article, we will get to know about the details of India’s third largest private sector lender Axis Pay UPI App. Axis Bank UPI App allows you to transfer or receive money from any bank account using a VPI. Remembering beneficiary details such as account number, IFSC, typing one-time password (OTP), etc. have now become things of the past. You just need to download Axis Pay UPI App.

How to Download Axis Pay UPI App?

Axis Pay UPI App It’s very easy to downloading Axis Bank UPI App which is known as “Axis Pay”. In order to do so, you need to open “Google Playstore” on your smartphone and type Axis Pay. The UPI App of the Axis Bank will be displayed on your screen and then you have to click on the “Install” tab.

Then, downloading of the App (whose size is 11.20 MB) will be started. Just wait for few seconds till downloading process gets over. After the download process is over, installation of the UPI App will automatically be run on your device or smartphone. After the installation, you can now “Open” the UPI App.

Download Axis Pay UPI Apk

Steps for Registration Process of Beneficiary Account:

In order to register yourself with Axis Pay UPI Apk, you have to fulfil the following pre-requisites:


  • Mobile Number must be registered with your Bank
  • Keep your active Debit/ ATM Card in your hand to activate your account
  • You need to have Android smartphones because the App is currently available only for Android version mobile phones.

If you have the registered mobile number along with the debit Debit/ATM Card, you can go for the registering process. It is as simple as installing other mobile games and applications.


  • Open the “Axis Pay” UPI App which you have previously downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • After that, a message will appear on your mobile screen saying “Axis Pay will send an SMS from your number… with two options “Cancel” and “Proceed”. You have to click on the “Proceed” tab.
  • After that, a message reading “Allow Axis Pay to send and view SMS message” will appear. You have to click the “Allow” tab. Then, another message reading “Allow Axis Pay to make and manage phone call” will appear, you have to click on the “Allow” button.
  • If you are having Dual SIM mobile phones, a message will be displayed saying “Select the Mobile Number Registered with Your Bank. You select the appropriate or right mobile number which is registered with your bank account.
  • After choosing your registered number, you will be prompted to enter your details (such as Your Name) and tick the box (I agree to the Terms and Conditions).
  • After that, you have to set a 6-digit passcode and reenter the same.
  • Select your preferred bank from the list.
  • Create a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) for the selected account.
  • Verify the selected account using your Debit Card credentials and OTP (one-time password).
  • Set MPIN for the account. Use this MPIN for sending money to other VPAs.

Features of Axis Pay UPI App

There are end number of features Axis Bank UPI Apk, few of them are as follows:Features of Axis Bank UPI App

  • Axis Bank or Non-Axis Bank customers can send money or ask for money using the Axis Pay App, without knowing their bank account details
  • Transfer funds to a Virtual Payment Address(VPA) or to an Account Number
  • Add beneficiary instantly by just using Virtual Payment Address (VPA). No need to remember or enter the bank account number and IFSC
  • Check balance of linked bank accounts
  • Fund transfers are instant, 24*7, 365 days and absolutely free of cost and take place in a completely safe and secure way

Payment via Axis Bank UPI App:

How to Send Money via Axis Pay UPI Apk?

  • Select your and receiver’s unique ID
  • Enter amount
  • Send money by entering PIN

How to ask for Money Axis Pay UPI Apk?

  • Select you and sender’s unique ID
  • Enter amount
  • Receive money when sender approves the transaction on his App.

Scan & Pay:

The process to scan QR codes to send Money?

  • It is another option for making payment. You can scan any UPI QR codes using “Scan & Pay” option.
  • This “Scan & Pay” option is available on the Home page. You just click on “Scan & Pay” tab.
  • Provide camera access to Axis Pay UPI to scan any UPI QR code.
  • Scan any UPI QR code at merchant location
  • Make payments by entering your MPIN.

How do I generate QR code in Axis Pay UPI App?

You can generate your customised QR code using the “My QR code” feature. You have to follow the steps given below:

  • Click on “My QR code” available in the side menu.
  • Select your preferred unique ID (or Virtual Payment Address)
  • Enter the amount (which is optional).
  • Enter remarks (also optional).
  • Click on “Generate QR Code”. With this, your QR code gets generated. You can now share this code to receive payments.

Is there any charge for using Axis Pay UPI?

  • There is no transaction charge on Axis Pay UPI App.

Is there any transaction limits for the payment via Andhra Bank UPI App?

  • Yes, there is a transaction limit for payment. The maximum transaction limit for every fund transfer transaction in Axis Pay is Rs one lakh.

How to change MPIN for your account?

  • You can change your mobile PIN (MPIN) using “Change MPIN” feature of the Axis Pay UPI App. In order to change MPIN, go to menu, select “manage accounts”, click on the account, a detailed page will be displayed on your mobile screen with the option of “Forgot MPIN” and “Change MPIN”.

Are MPIN and Passcode same?

  • MPIN is set for each bank account that you link in Axis Pay UPI App. In order to authorise any transaction, you would need MPIN.
  • The passcode is App level password that you set at the time of registration in order to log into the Axis Pay UPI App.
  • Your six-digit MPIN need not be same as the six-digit passcode.

The Process to recover Forgot Password in Axis Bank UPI App:

The entire process to recover forgot password is same as change MPIN. You have to go to menu, select “manage accounts”, click on the account, a detailed page will be displayed on your mobile screen with the option of “Forgot MPIN” and “Change MPIN”.

What if Axis Pay UPI App gets deleted or uninstalled?

  • You will have to download the Axis Bank UPI App and register your details again.

Download Axis Pay UPI App for iPhone/ IOS/ Windows Phone:

Downloading Axis Bank UPI App for iPhone/ IOS/ Windows Phone is not available till date. As per the official statement, it will available soon on the play store of your mobile. Wait for few more days, once the Apk will release, we will update on our website. You can download the Apk directly from our website also by clicking the links given below:

Click Here to Download Axis Bank UPI App for iPhone.

Click Here to Download Axis Bank UPI App for Windows Phone

Customer care number of Axis Bank UPI App:

You can call on 1800 209 5577, this is a toll-free number of the Axis Bank.

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