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UPI, which stands for Unified Payment Interface, is a step forward in the direction of simplifying online transaction process in India. Sending or receiving money securely and instantly was not as simple as it is today with the introduction of this UPI App. Earlier, making online transaction was considered to be a challenging task as one has to remember beneficiary details like account number, IFSC, etc. Now, you can transfer or receive your money using your smartphones with Virtual Payment Address (a unique identifier) without feeding any bank account information. In this article, we will get to know about the details of India’s largest private sector lender ICICI Bank UPI App.

About ICICI Bank UPI App:

ICICI Bank ICICI Bank UPI Apk allows you to transfer or receive money from any bank account using a VPA without entering additional bank details. Remembering beneficiary details such as account number, IFSC, typing one-time password (OTP), etc. have now become things of the past. In order to start using UPI as a payment option, all you need is to create a VPA (an ID which is created by linking your account to a bank’s mobile application).

The ICICI Bank offers the facility to create Virtual Payment Address through two applications—using “iMobile” and/or using “Pockets”. If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you have both the options—either you download “iMobile” or “Pockets”. Just in case if you are not an ICICI Bank customer, you have only one option, that is, you have to download “Pockets” and register yourself.

How to Download ICICI Bank UPI App  (iMobile” and/or “Pockets)?

It’s very easy to download both the apps (iMobile as well as Pockets).  “iMobile” is compatible with any of the following mobile phones having:

  • Android OS version 2.1 and above
  • iOS 8.0 and higher versions
  • Windows 8 and above
  • CDMA device users can not avail iMobile services

You can also SMS iMobile to 5676766 to get the download link. As far as “Pockets” (e-wallet of ICICI Bank) app is concerned, it is available only for Apple and Android mobile phones. To get the download link on your phone, SMS POCKETS to 5676766.

If you are using the Android-based smartphone, you need to open “Google Playstore” and type “iMobile” and/or “Pocket” whichever you want to use. The App of ICICI Bank will be displayed on your screen and then you have to click on the “Install” tab.  Then, downloading of the App will be started. Just wait for few seconds till downloading process gets over. After the download process is over, installation of the App will automatically be run on your device or smartphone.

You can Download ICICI Bank UPI Apk Directly from the link given bellow:

Click Here to Download ICICI Bank UPI App

Installation of iMobile App:

After the installation of the app is finished, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • The moment you open for the first time “iMobile”, the app will ask your mobile number which is registered with the ICICI Bank account.
  • With the help of your registered mobile number, the “iMobile” app fetches your bank account details. It also sends you an SMS as part of the authentication process.
  • Once your mobile number is authenticated, you will get to see your bank account information.
  • Just in case you are holding more than one account at ICICI Bank, all your accounts linked with your mobile number will be displayed. Select one account in order to proceed further.
  • The “iMobile” app will ask the grid numbers (which are printed on the back side of your ICICI Bank Debit/ATM card as part of its second round of authentication.
  • Now, you have to set four-digit PIN to log in the “iMobile” app. All these steps are a one-time exercise. From now onwards, you just need your four-digit PIN to access the “iMobile” app.

Registration iMobile App:

After downloading the App (iMobile and/or Pocket), you need to create your Virtual Payment Address (VPA). It is an address in place of the bank account number and IFSC and is similar to an email address.

How to create your VPA using iMobile?

  • You have to log in to “iMobile” app using the four-digit PIN and tap on UPI.
  • Click on the “Manage” tab and then select “Create New VPA”, enter your desired prefix, such as yourname@icici, and check for the availability of the desired VPA.CREATE VPA ICICI Bank UPI App
  • Choose the linked account if you are having more than one account at the ICICI Bank.
  • Finally, click on “Submit” to receive a confirmation of your registered VPA.

Features of ICICI Bank UPI App:

  • You can send money or ask for money using the ICICI UPI App, without remembering bank account details.
  • Transfer funds to a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or to an Account Number.
  • Add beneficiary instantly by just using Virtual Payment Address (VPA). No need to remember or enter the bank account number and IFSC.
  • Check balance of linked bank accounts.
  • Fund transfers are instant, 24*7, 365 days and absolutely free of cost and take place in a completely safe and secure way.

 Payment via ICICI Bank UPI App:

How to Send Money via iMobile App?

  • After login the “iMobile” App, you have to select the UPI.Fund Transfer via ICICI Bank UPI App
  • After selecting the “UPI”, you will be displayed various ways of fund transfer.
  • Choose the “Pay to virtual payment address”. You will see your VPA under the “Payer Virtual Payment Address”. If you hold more than one VPA, you have to select any one of them from the drop-down list.
  • Now, you enter the VPA of that person to whom you want to send money.
  • Enter the amount and remarks.
  • Now click on the “Submit” button.
  • You will be displayed a pre-confirmation screen with all the details. Just go through the details and confirm. Just in case any error occurs, go back and rectify it.
  • After the final confirmation, the money will be immediately transferred.
  •  The beneficiary will receive an SMS instantly.

How to ask for Money via iMobile App?

  • Login iMobile and select the “UPI” tab. Then, choose “Collect from Virtual Payment Address”.
  • Now, type the VPA (unique ID) of the person whom you are asking for money and also enter the amount.
  • You will receive money when the sender approves the transaction on his/her iMobile App.

How do I scan QR codes to send Money?

  • It is another option for making payment. You can scan any UPI QR codes using “Pay using QR Code” option.
  • As soon as you select the UPI on the Home page of iMobile, you will see various ways of making transaction. You have to choose “Pay using QR Code”.
  • Now, scan any UPI QR code at the merchant location and make payments.

Download ICICI Bank UPI App for IOS/ iPhone/ Windows Phone:

Downloading ICICI Bank iMobile App for IOS/ iPhone/ Windows will be available soon on the play store of your mobile. You can download it simply through pushing the search button in the play store of your mobile phone. For the convenient of our visitor we have provided the direct link below, you can directly download it with a single click

Click Here to Download ICICI Bank UPI App for IOS

Download ICICI Bank UPI App for iPhone

Click Here to Download ICICI Bank UPI App for Windows Phones

Is the beneficiary also required to register for UPI?

Yes, the beneficiary needs to download a PSP app and register for a VPA. They need to communicate this VPA to you to initiate a transaction.

Is there any charge for using ICICI Bank UPI App?

  • There is no transaction charge on ICICI Bank UPI App.

Is there any transaction limits for the payment via ICICI Bank UPI App?

  • Yes, there is a transaction limit for payment. The maximum transaction limit for every fund transfer transaction is Rs one lakh.

How to change Login PIN for your account?

  • You can change your Login PIN by navigating to “Change MPIN” feature available under “Services” section from Dashboard screen.

 How to reset Login PIN of your account?

You can click on “Forgot MPIN”. You will need to reactivate the App again and set a new Login PIN.

The process to recover Forgot Password:

If you have forgotten your password and want to recover it, you have to follow the same process reset Login PIN. You have to click on “Forgot MPIN”. You will need to reactivate the App again and set a new Login PIN.

What is the advantage of UPI funds transfer over other fund transfer mechanisms?

The service is instant and available 24*7, even on public or bank holidays. Customers can transfer funds in simple steps by providing the VPA of the beneficiary. Also, there is no pre-registration needed for the beneficiary.

Can a customer link more than one account to a single VPA?

Yes. Choose your existing VPA while linking your second bank account. If you link more than one account to a VPA, you can set a default account to send and default account to receive money.

How can a customer change his/her default account?

You can change your default account by navigating to “Manage Virtual Address” in “iMobile” App. Choose the VPA that you would like to change the default account for, choose the linked accounts and set your default preferences.

If a customer has any issue with UPI transactions, how can he/she raise a complaint?

A customer has two options—either call the customer care or raise a complaint within the mobile application itself. In the iMobile app, a customer can navigate to “Contact Us” and click on “Register a complaint regarding UPI”. The customers are required to provide the following details:

  • Transaction ID
  • Your Virtual Payment Address
  • Beneficiary Virtual Payment Address (in case of Pay) or remitter Virtual Payment Address (in case of Collect)
  • Date and Time of transaction.

Customer care number of ICICI Bank UPI App:

You can call on 1800 102 4242, this is a toll-free number of the ICICI Bank.

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