Track Mobile Number Address and Location of a Person Using app

Track Mobile Number Address: With the advancement of technologies and presence of so many authentic websites & mobile apps, Tacking Exact Name & Address of the unknown number is not a big deal. By using these technologies, you can track name of the owner, name of the operator, location of the person etc. Up to a great extent, these mobile apps are very successful in terms of delivering results.

Track Name Address and Location of a Person Using Mobile Number:

No other technological inventions embraced by the people as fast as mobile communication technology. Presently we have 7.4 billion people in the world. Statistics shows that out of this 7.4 billion, 7 billion people using mobile phones. We can further simplify this data by saying that currently 96% of world population using mobile phones. Countries like China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, even Nepal having a record of 100 percent mobile phone users. If we talk about India, it has second largest mobile consumer in the world. On an average 82 out of per 100 person benefited from this technology. Mobile communication technology is the fastest way to connect people. You are just a call away from the person you want to chitchat. It is a boon for the human civilisation indeed but sometimes it is a curse also. The benefit of this revolutionary invention ends with a call that spoils your mood. Few people taking advantage of this technology in a wrong way. Consequently, come across we deal with a miscall, prank call, threatening calls from unknown numbers.

How to Trace Mobile Number Owner name and Address?

It is the most embarrassing situation for a person when he/she is sitting in a gathering and receives a call from an unknown number who is talking unethically. Now come to solution part. We have two best possible ways out to get rid of this kind of situations. First and probably the best solution for this type of problem is going to police station and lodge a FIR. Second, the best option that you have is Trace Name Address and Location of a Person Using that Mobile Number. If you have chosen the second option, then definitely you will be benefited from this article. By reading this article you get to know to Track Name Address and Location of a Person Using Mobile Number.

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Apps to Track Name Address and Location of a Person Using Mobile Number:

  1. Truecaller
  2. Mobile Number & Phone Location.
  3. Mobile Number Locator
  4. Mobile Number Tracker
  5. Four Square
  6. Shaplus
  7. Mobile Caller Location Tracker
  8. Phone Number Locator
  9. Phone Locator
  10. Prey

How to trace Mobile Number Location and City using Truecaller App:

Truecaller image

It is probably the best mobile application to find Name and Location of a Person Using Mobile Number. Tracing mobile numbers with Truecaller is very easy. You have to install this App first in your mobile. After installing this App, you can search the name of unknown caller manually simply pushing the numbers on the search button. Secondly, if you have already installed Truecaller in your device and having internet connectivity, the name of the unknown caller will flash on your screen. But it has some conditions.

  • Internet Connectivity is essential for the first time caller. Once the number is identified, it will identify that number every time whether or not it is connected to the internet.
  • The number of unknown callers should be registered with Truecaller (whether self or fed in a contact list of the person having Truecaller).

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 Mobile Number & Phone Location app:

It is one of the recommended apps that might be very helpful to trace mobile number with owner name and address. First of all, you have to go to Playstore of your mobile and must install in your device. Once you finish the installation process, you can search any phone number details with the name. The checking process is very simple.

  • first of all open the preinstall app on your device.
  • Now go to the search button.
  • Insert the mobile number in the search option.
  • finally, push the find button. After pushing find button, you will be able to trace mobile numbers current location with the city.

Mobile Number Locator app:

This app is well designed and user-friendly app for the mobile users. With the help of this particular app, you can trace the location of incoming or outgoing calls over your mobile phone. You can also find here owners exact name, location and telecom operators name etc. One of the remarkable features of this app is it works without internet connection.

Four Square:

Another recommended app for you that help to know the exact location of the callers. By using this app, you can know the mobile number details with name & address of the callers. It is available in the Play Store.

Mobile Number Tracker App:

Another similar app that you can use to trace mobile number with owner name and address (city, State). Some of the important features of this app is as follows:-

  • it helps to track the location of the incoming and outgoing calls from the cell phone.
  • it monitoring your contact list as well as your SMS.
  • in the case of loss or theft, you can recover your cell phone by using GPS location etc.


It is one of the oldest mobile application that is presently being in use. This app helps you to identify the location of incoming & outgoing calls. If the caller calling from the landline, it will show the state and city of the caller. You can know the city and name of the operator if the caller calls from the mobile phone.

Mobile Caller Location Tracker:

Another useful app you can use to track caller location. It will help you to search and track the mobile number of India as well as abroad. This app gives you the facility to see the location of the caller on google map. It has some other additional features also. This app helps you to find nearby places such as ATM, Hospitals, Banks, Shopping Centres etc.

Apart from all the above-given applications, you can use some other some others apps namely Phone Number Locator, Phone Locator, Prey etc. These Mobile Apps prove to be very helpful in terms of knowing name and location of callers.

As far as concern of reliability, none of the above apps is 100 percent reliable so these apps also. But most the time it gives you correct information of the caller. Therefore, up to a great extent, you can rely on these apps.

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